I’m just going to copy and paste what it says in my title until I think of something else:

This blog is to help keep me motivated and keep track of my progress for my Paleo Diet over the next few weeks. It’s for my own curiosity and your enjoyment. This also happens to be an excuse to post topless selfies and get in touch with my inner-Asian by taking pictures of every single one of my meals. Enjoy.

I mentioned this in a post before, but:

I don’t proofread, since most of this is just a stream of consciousness, so I’m sure there are typos and other errors. Please do no hesitate to call me out on them. They are welcomed and appreciated. Also, I welcome article ideas and other suggestions. You guys are the ones reading, and I can’t read your fucking minds. So again, feel free to leave a comment here or where ever. I’ll see it and respond appropriately.

Take Care,



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